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Coffee with Jesus

by Christine
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Yesterday, as I was eating breakfast and poured myself a cup of coffee, I remembered that I had planned to spend my coffee time with Jesus. This came about because I did not have dedicated time set aside to spend time with God, and was noticing that my sleep issues and the busy-ness of life stood in the way of starting my day with God.

I had always imagined that this time would be at the crack of dawn before the kids were up, but, let’s be real… that never happened. I had been going to bed extra late ever since I had kids. I was always trying to squeeze in work after the kids went to bed.

Us moms are exhausted people trying to juggle so many things in life!

So, as I sat on my bed one night and tried to be honest with myself, I came to terms with the fact that I knew I just couldn’t commit to the early morning quiet time.

I knew that it was best to give God the first of our day, but my goal of waking up super early and sitting at my little desk in my bedroom that I had set aside for Bible reading never happened.

Obviously this plan wasn’t working, so I decided to find something that worked. Instead of committing to a time, I decided it would be better to commit my time with God connected to something I did every day. For me, that was my coffee time.

Every day, I sit at my dining table to eat breakfast and drink a cup of coffee. Since this is a daily thing, why not spend this time with Jesus? It’s like having a cup of coffee with a close friend every morning! With the best kind of friend!

My intention was to read the Bible every morning at the table and spend time in prayer, but when my days started late from my late nights working, I realized I was dealing with a poverty mindset about time.

I was constantly thinking that I didn’t have enough time to complete all the tasks I wanted to accomplish, so I’d rush off after eating to clean or take care of some things on my to do list. As this came to my attention, I decided that it was finally time to cast aside all these thoughts about “not enough time,” and finally dedicate my coffee time to Jesus.

Beginning My Coffee Time with Jesus

Yesterday morning, I realized that I had this intention of coffee with Jesus for a while, yet I had not done it. I also realized that I had not consulted God on what He wanted me to do this week. I thought, perhaps if I gave it all up to God, He could surely accomplish everything on my to do list at the right time and order my steps.

Honestly, what I was looking for was just help in finding the most efficient way to check off a bunch of things from my to do list.

It turns out, our to do list is not the same as the one God has for us. Surprise, surprise! 😂

Often what God tells me to do is nothing I had planned on my list!

Whenever I get an answer from God related to a question or prayer I have for Him, the answer comes almost as a whisper. The nudges are so faint that if I wasn’t sensitive to it, paying close attention, and wanting to follow His will, I’d miss it.

Yesterday, when I gave it up to God and asked what He wanted me to do that day, what came about was not the work I had planned on doing.

What God wants for us is not always what we want for ourselves.

I had my coffee, finished my breakfast, finished my social media posts for my other account, and thought I was going to go work on my travel blog. Instead, Holy Spirit nudged me to listen to a violin cover of a worship song that I had heard a week ago on YouTube. I listened to it again a couple of times, and then Holy Spirit nudged me to play along.

What is crazy is that I haven’t really played my violin since about 25 years ago.

I had my violin repaired just a few years ago after it suffered from a major crack from neglect and moving it around through many moves. And just a month ago, when I was trying to help my daughter learn a new song for violin, I had to pull out my violin to find that not only was it all out of tune, but half of the bow hairs were dangling from the bow. I ripped each one of them out, and now I’m left with half the bow hairs and need to get my bow repaired.

Despite all of that… He called me to play along.

This was going to be my next YouTube upload once I figure out how to set up my new mic that I purchased after I recorded the first video, and after reading and watching tons of reviews, and purchased my new audio interface. You can read about how I came up with this whole idea to start this YouTube channel on this post here.

Playing the Violin

I tuned my violin, tightened the bow, put rosin on the bow, and attempted to learn the song by just playing along. For not having played the violin in 25 years, I have to say, it wasn’t that bad.

After about 10 takes, I was listening to the music and playing violin when I felt the presence of God come upon me. Suddenly, I was flowing in the Spirit, and I could just tell that this was the purpose of coffee with Jesus.

It wasn’t about me learning to play the violin and that song in one sitting. There was no deadline that I HAD to get this video up in either. It was about worshipping God and praising Him through my music that brought me closer to Him. It also filled me up.

Although this was a small thing, to sit and dedicate my coffee with Jesus, it was a big thing. Because I had dedicated my time to Him, not only did I feel His presence while I played violin, but I also felt it after I put down the violin to rest and started singing the notes.

A Singing Gift

I mentioned it briefly happening to me in my last post, but it happened again… as I sung and reached for the high notes in the melody, all of a sudden, an opera-like voice came out of me. This was NOT ME singing. I was surprised, yet felt so blessed to have the Holy Spirit singing through me.

Then, came this knowing in my heart, mind, and spirit… If we remove the limitations we place on ourselves of what is possible, God can work through us. He is capable of anything and everything, as He is the Creator of the universe, but people place limits on what they can do, so then, God cannot move beyond the limits we place on ourselves.

This was SOOOOO profound.

Basically, because I was just messing around with the singing and had no limitations on my voice, and just belted it out as if I was a singer, learning and experimenting to see how high I could go, God was able to work through me with His abilities, and not mine!

It was in that moment I REALLY understood the meaning of us being God’s vessel.

God is the giver of our talents, and He can choose to increase our talents at any time, or give us new ones if we walk in obedience.

He is looking for people who are willing to be used as a vessel, and not all those who are willing will surrender all their limiting belief systems to what is possible for God, and not all are willing to put aside their goals to see what God wants them to do.

Literally, this profound sense of knowing filled me up in a way I never experienced.

All we needed to do was remove ANY limitations on ourselves and truly let the Holy Spirit move through us. He is much more capable than us. He can do ANYTHING. Achieve ANYTHING.

He can turn us into anything He wants us to be, but only if we ask Him, listen to Him, love Him, and walk in obedience. He has plans for us and He needs us, His children, to be his BODY. Again, I was understanding this at a much deeper level.

When we work with God to do His will, He can do greater things through us than we can do ourselves.

He can use us to minister to people, bless people, heal people, bring people closer to Him, deliver people, save people, and do everything He needs in order to bring His plans to fruition here on earth… his GOOD plans.

Each talent, each word, each blog post, each video, each conversation, each text message, each comment on a Facebook post or Instagram post, each TikTok video or Instagram reel we create, the books we write, the photos we post, and more… each of these things, when we allow God to work through us, He can do greater things through us than we ever imagined for ourselves.

I have to also note, that after all that violin playing and singing, I wanted to go shower since I hadn’t yet, but I felt nudged to start writing. Again, I had plans to write a new blog post on my travel blog, but instead, I felt nudged to write for this new blog (which I was planning to put aside for another week or so).

I had no idea what I was going to write about on this blog, except for the fact that I was going to talk more openly about my experiences with God to encourage others to draw closer to Him.

Over the past year and half, I have been experiencing so many miracles of healing and deliverance, and have received so many insights and revelations that I mainly only share with my husband. Now is the time I share some of these stories with you.

I’m always encouraged and uplifted with I have an encounter with God’s presence, and I pray that you will receive your own encounter with Him if you haven’t already.

Coffee with Jesus

This Coffee with Jesus section of this blog will be about the encounters and lessons I learn from God our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

The profound experience in these three different areas (violin, singing, writing) that I experienced by giving God the reigns of my life in just one day shows me how much more He can do when we give all of our days to Him.

I encourage you to sit down and just have coffee with Jesus. You might be surprised what comes about.

Have you had any experiences or messages given to you in your quiet time with the Lord? I would love to hear your stories!

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Willy Burden April 23, 2021 - 9:57 pm

I love how your Coffee with Jesus transformed into an eternal moment worshipping and allowing the Holy Spirit to move! This was so encouraging!

Christine April 26, 2021 - 1:38 am

Yes! It looks like He wants to teach me how to worship. 🙂


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