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User Research & Experience Planning

User Research

Understand Your Customer

Gaining a deep understanding of your customers or clients is essential to designing better products and services that serve their needs.

We can help you conduct user research to understand your customer's unmet needs and wants, forge insights, and and identify opportunities for improving your product or service offerings.

I've worked with clients such as Microsoft, Yahoo!, Accenture, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida to conduct user research, including ethnographic research, focus groups, surveys, and user testing to help them improve their products and business, and I can help you too.

Experience Planning

Customer Journey Mapping

Intentionally analyzing and creating a customer experience journey map will help you understand all the different interactions your customer has with your company and how best to design an optimal experience.

This process will take a look at what your customer is thinking and feeling throughout different interactions with your company, whether it be their buying or purchasing journey, communication flow, or decision making journey.

We create a visual representation of this journey for you to help you see the overview of your customer's experience.

Understand Customer Wants & Needs

Most companies think they understand their customer's wants and needs, but often there are many wants and needs that are never considered or identified from an internal office meeting.

User research provides the opportunity to validate what customers want or need, find areas for improvement, and identify new opportunities for potential new offerings based on what customers actually want and need.


Increase Customer Retention

Analyzing and designing your customer's experience journey can provide insights to find additional ways to serve your customer, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and extend the customer experience.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customer journey mapping is a process of identifying all the touch points of a customer's journey and interaction with your company. This visual representation of your customer's journey aids in identifying areas for improvement and designing a positive experience for your customers.




Many companies use outdated methods to serve customers. With increasing use of social media, new technology advances, changes happening in our world, and shifting customer needs, the need for innovation is paramount.

Once we gain a deep understanding of your customer, we can brainstorm fresh ideas that your company can implement to adapt to the changing modern economic climate.

Experience Planning

Let's work together

If you're looking to improve your customer's experience by better understanding your customer through user research, experience planning, or user experience design, we can help you.

We'll take a deep dive into understanding your customer, analyze the findings, identify opportunities for improvement, and design an experience that will leave a positive experience with your customers and clients.

Stand out in your industry as a company that really knows how to serve your customers well.

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