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You know you were born for more...

Your Dreams Matter!

It's time to move past the obstacles, gain clarity, and finally step into what God has called you to be. It's time. You are here for a reason, and the world needs you. Let's do this!

Business Strategist & Creative Director

Hi, I'm Christine

I've been helping individuals and businesses clarify their vision, organize their thoughts, and create a plan to achieve that vision.

No more asking yourself... "What do I do next?" or "Who's my niche?" I help you work through all that.

Once we identify a clear vision, I help entrepreneurs and businesses take that vision and turn it into reality.

I've worked in various industries from tech, consulting, healthcare, user experience design, advertising, fashion, food, consumer packaged goods, travel, coaching, e-commerce, and social media marketing. This experience allows me to bring a diverse perspective that helps people cut through the noise to identify their unique offering, and help them package and offer their products and services in a way that really serves their ideal customers and clients.

I've helped Fortune 500 companies design and execute successful new product offerings and marketing campaigns, and I can help you too.

Who I Help

I Help Christian Entrepreneurs
Fulfill God's Calling on Their Life

In 2019, I had a radical encounter with Jesus, and from there He started to transform my life. I decided to lay everything down at His feet, including my own plan for my life. I stopped trying to design my own life, and started to let Him take the steering wheel... in everything!

What transpired was not what I expected, but it led to a complete transformation in my life. God started to heal all aspects of my life, even the places I didn't even know I needed healing. As I became whole again, God gave me clarity on what He wanted me to do next in my life.

It is now my mission to help you get unstuck, remove the barriers, heal from old traumas and wounds, get clear, and help you become who God created you to be.

Free Gift

12 Things That May Be Preventing You From Achieving Your Goals

Get free from the obstacles standing in the way from you and your destiny.

In this free e-book, I share with you 8 Things That May Be Preventing You From Achieving Your Vision, and how to overcome them.

Break free from your limits and step into all that God has for you.


Work With Me

If you're looking for a business coach or consultant that can help you clarify your vision, identify how you can package your gifts, and get your offering out into the marketplace, see how I can help you.

Clarity Coaching

No more confusion. It's time to get clear on your vision, goals, gifts, and business. My process helps get people clear on who they are, what they're passionate about, what skills they can leverage, and how to package their gifts to serve others. Let me help you get clear once and for all!

Business & Strategy

With a clear vision, you are ready to plan your business with the right strategies that will lead you to success. In this phase, we will work on identifying a business model that fits a lifestyle you love. You will walk away with a life and business blueprint so that you will know what to do next.

Creative Services

When you are ready, you will need creative assets to show the world what you offer. I can help you with branding, website creation, landing pages, book covers, e-book creation, and more. No more thinking, "I don't know how to do tech or design."

I've got you covered.

What People Say

Download Your Free Gift

Break Through Your Limits!

12 Things That May Be Preventing You From Achieving Your Goals and How to Overcome Them.

Break free from these obstacles to unlock your potential.


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Break Through Your Limits!
Get clear on your vision
Design Your Business & Life
Design Life Inspired
Matthew 19:26
...with God all things are possible!


Free E-Book

Download a free e-book on how to break through your limits.

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