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Every dream start with a Vision

Let's Clarify Your Vision

God has given you dreams and assignments that will lead you to your ultimate purpose in life. Some people have no idea what their dreams are, while others talk themselves out of the dreams they really want to pursue. If you're struggling with defining what your dreams are, find that you are are not dreaming big enough, or you're not feeling confident enough to pursue them, I can help you.

I've helped many people uncover their buried dreams, helped them see possibilities they didn't think were possible, encouraged them to pursue them, and have watched them achieve something they thought was impossible for them. I believe you can achieve your big goals and dreams too!

I've done this for myself too, as I've learned to dream bigger, reach for the impossible, and watch opportunities arrive that I know God placed in my life once I was clear and able to receive it. Let me help you get ready for all that God has for you!

You were born for more. God has been wanting to give you more, but you have to be able to increase your confidence, competence, faith, and capacity in order for you to receive the things He has for you. Many things are available to us, but we must be prepared and then take the right actions to receive them. I'm here to support you on your journey to help you go where you haven't gone before. Fill out the form below to see how we can work together. Let's get you to moving forward to a higher vision of who God designed you to be.

Christine Kim

Design Life Inspired
Matthew 19:26
...with God all things are possible!


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